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Not Another Church Movie

Not Another Church Movie

1 hr 28 min
for sexual material and some language.
Hoprah Windfall, fretting as her ratings plummet because her talk show and audience need some new blood, calls on God and demands His help. God and his angels decide there’s no better choice to replace her with than the hardest working man in the world, Taylor Pherry. But when the Devil overhears this, he comes up with a fiendish plan of his own to disrupt the whole ordeal. While Taylor prepares for one of his many jobs that mostly entail helping his dysfunctional but lovable family through their trials and tribulations, God appears and orders him to help Hoprah accomplish her mission, by writing a movie. By looking at the crazy women in his life he finds the very substance of the storylines for his screenplay!

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  • Genre:Comedy
  • Director:James Michael Cummings, Johnny Mack
  • Cast:Jamie Foxx, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Daniels
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